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1760 has been open for less than a month and has made it clear that it’s here to stay. The restaurant offers quality food but is intended to be a more modern and casual alternative to its sister restaurant, Acquerello. I did not have a reservation but was lucky enough to grab a seat at the bar with my friend J after a long day at Ocean Beach. Every single dish was perfect and offered an interesting pairing of flavors and textures. I personally look for textures in my food and was blown away by the attention to detail they put in everything, even down to the dessert. Even for being a new restaurant, the staff was so friendly and helpful in making this dining experience flawless.

I will try to rate these longer food adventures with the following criteria out of 5.

Food: 5
Drinks: 5
Service: 5
Price: $$$
Overall: 5/5

Lobster Ceviche (caramelized coconut, pineapple, coriander)


Pan-fried duck egg (Skuna Bay salmon, meyer lemon crème fraiche). I am a sucker for egg dishes and Friend J thought they made this dish specifically for me.


Basil-Mezcal Sour (basil, kaffir lime, egg white, mescal). Note pictured: Friend J had the Yuzu-Shiso which was very refreshing


Fried Duck Sandwich (slaw, pickles, spicy aioli). We were hesitant at first but were glad our server recommended this one


Crispy Octopus (roasted peanuts, avocado, potatoes). Never had octopus prepared this well.


Grilled Pork Belly (gigante bean, radicchio slaw, carrots). Definitely never had pork belly quite like this.



Peanut Butter Panna Cotta (berry jam, milk crumb). This is more modern/gourmet PBJ as a dessert. I don’t even like PBJ and have to say exceeded my expectations.


Milk Chocolate Ganache (hickory ice cream, bourbon caramel, marshmallow). This was a modern/gourmet take on smores and was my absolute favorite dish of the night. The colors, textures and flavors could not have been more on point.



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