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Blessed. This is the only word I can use to describe this past week. I am truly lucky to have such amazing individuals in my life and can’t wait to continue to make lifelong memories with them. If this is what it means to get old, I can’t complain. A few friends traveled long and far just to celebrate my birthday this past weekend, and I could not have asked for anything more nor could I have asked for such amazing people. It makes me sad that they are so far away but also so humbled to know that they continue to keep in touch and would come all the way here just to see me.

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My First Uniform Wares

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After years of waiting, I finally got my first Uniform Wares watch. I was going to purchase the new 104 series soon, but my friends beat me to the punch. They surprised me at dinner with the new watch, and I was both surprised and excited as soon as they handed me the box.

Unboxing the watch was a dream come true. I would expect nothing less from the brand that I have followed and respected because of their great eye for detail and design. Everything from the perfect cut out that slides to reveal their logo, the textured box, and even the box scent were impressive. This all sounds a bit obsessive, but I know the Uniform Wares team obsessed over each of the details in packaging their beautiful product. I’ve shared some photos below to show you what I mean.


Sunset at Ocean Beach

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It is finally summer time here in San Francisco and that means sunshine and warm weather for a few weeks. I’ve been to Ocean Beach a few times and every single time there has been freezing cold winds and thick fog… until this weekend. Not a cloud in sight and breathtaking views of the sunset made for a perfect trip to the beach.

(Thanks J for the first pic. iPhone 5s can pack some great photos)



Lucky to have friend J come explore with me


View of the Cliff House and Sutro Baths on the left


The water is still freezing


The colors of a sunset are one of my favorite things to see


Father and Son (my favorite shot of the day that I barely managed to capture in time)


Refinement: Uniform Wares 104

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Refinement is the only word I can think of to describe the new Uniform Wares 104 watch. The staple 100 series watch has been updated to include better quality materials and swiss movements. I am liking the various tones, colors, and attention to detail seen in the dials and hands.

Seeing the new 104 brings back memories of when I first saw the 100 series watch when they launched in 2009. I had little to no money back then to afford the watch but always told myself that Uniform Wares would be the very first watch I purchase. I think it is about time I make my wish from a few years ago finally come true.

Fresh Start

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For as long as I can remember begin online, I’ve kept some form of a blog. I’ve tried everything from xanga, blogspot, and tumblr but never maintained a blog linked directly to my personal website. With the launch of my new site, I wanted to make sure both my portfolio and blog were updated more routinely so I could share with friends and family. I’ve been in social media detox mode these days and thought this would be the perfect place to keep people updated. I will be sharing my adventures, things I’m working on, and other random fun too. Hello fresh start, here I come.